Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things that can cause problem in Google Plus

At first glance Google Plus seems to be very impressive. It has very less cluttered UI (Google's specialty) unlike Facebook. No ads to suggest what you can probably like.

But there are few things, I guess, those can problematic.

1. Edit this post: At initial point it seems to be very useful to rectify typos and to avoid mistakes. But imagine a scenario, where you had a long chat with your friends and after that you go and use 'Edit this post'. Now you can do real damage. You can make things up there. That chat can be made up to something which never happened. A Big NO from me to this feature. Somebody is giving its plus one to my original post not to the edited one.

2. Share this circle: Circle itself is a unique feature and sharing of circle seems to be another great addition. But change you perception to look at this. You can find potential bloggers to find traffic for you blogs or you can find circle of photographers, actors, techies. But if someone starts sharing potential customers for any products. This feature can be misused to spam users. Imagine, I dont know you, but one of my friends shares circle having me publicly. Anyone from the web can add me to their circles and I'll start getting their senseless emails. User will end up like " Why the hell I am getting emails for this".

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