Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Edit Google Plus Post

Editing of Google plus post is an awesome feature. we often make some mistakes in posting something and after that we never had a chance to rectify that mistake. Google, Thank God, realized that and made available the feature to edit posts. Facebook has added this too but that's not having what Google has in it.

Some of the Editing features :
1. Edit this post: You can edit some typos made while posting.
2. Delete this post: Delete the posted content.
3. Link to this post: Link to the post can be directly used in blogging and in other websites. This is still not there is Facebook.
4. Disable comments: If you want to post something, and don't want any comments from anyone, you can simply select this feature.
5. Lock this post: If you want to disable the reshare, this is also available to you.
6. Mute this post: This feature is not available for your own posts. With this feature you can disable the notifications of the post.

These are some of the basic features that other social networks never supported. Google plus gives us lots of freedom with these simple features.

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