Monday, March 12, 2012

Facebook Photo Issue with Keyboard Shortcuts

Today while using Facebook's keyboard shortcuts. I've come across a very weird issue.
If you are viewing a photo in facebook and you press Alt+M on your keyboard in Chrome is locks facebook tab. You are not able to close that photo either by clicking outside of the boundary of the photo or by clicking on the close('x') button on the top right corner. Only escape Esc key is left to close that photo.

Try it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Google plus Photos Issue

Today I've observed a strange behavior in Google plus Photos. You add a photo in Google Plus post. Photo will collected in an album. It is Your albums >>  Photos from posts.

But if you delete that post. Photo from that album is never deleted.

I think this as a potential bug.

Commercial use of Google plus one button

Today while just surfing, I came across a YouTube video [removed hyperlink], it was promising that you buy some of their packaged services to get plus one clicks on your website.

.. sigh .. 

 Is it legal to use plus one button for commercial purpose?
Can anyone sell plus one clicks? 
I think this is against ranking manipulation.

Things that can cause problem in Google Plus

At first glance Google Plus seems to be very impressive. It has very less cluttered UI (Google's specialty) unlike Facebook. No ads to suggest what you can probably like.

But there are few things, I guess, those can problematic.

1. Edit this post: At initial point it seems to be very useful to rectify typos and to avoid mistakes. But imagine a scenario, where you had a long chat with your friends and after that you go and use 'Edit this post'. Now you can do real damage. You can make things up there. That chat can be made up to something which never happened. A Big NO from me to this feature. Somebody is giving its plus one to my original post not to the edited one.

2. Share this circle: Circle itself is a unique feature and sharing of circle seems to be another great addition. But change you perception to look at this. You can find potential bloggers to find traffic for you blogs or you can find circle of photographers, actors, techies. But if someone starts sharing potential customers for any products. This feature can be misused to spam users. Imagine, I dont know you, but one of my friends shares circle having me publicly. Anyone from the web can add me to their circles and I'll start getting their senseless emails. User will end up like " Why the hell I am getting emails for this".

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Edit Google Plus Post

Editing of Google plus post is an awesome feature. we often make some mistakes in posting something and after that we never had a chance to rectify that mistake. Google, Thank God, realized that and made available the feature to edit posts. Facebook has added this too but that's not having what Google has in it.

Some of the Editing features :
1. Edit this post: You can edit some typos made while posting.
2. Delete this post: Delete the posted content.
3. Link to this post: Link to the post can be directly used in blogging and in other websites. This is still not there is Facebook.
4. Disable comments: If you want to post something, and don't want any comments from anyone, you can simply select this feature.
5. Lock this post: If you want to disable the reshare, this is also available to you.
6. Mute this post: This feature is not available for your own posts. With this feature you can disable the notifications of the post.

These are some of the basic features that other social networks never supported. Google plus gives us lots of freedom with these simple features.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Zuck, Larry, Jobs and Gates

Zuck, Larry, Jobs and Gates..
All have 24 hours in their days..

So its not time that counts..
Its luck that coruscate..

Google Plus iPod App 10 Problems.

Disappointed with iPod app of G+

1. No Sparks
2. No Search
3. Cant type in horizontal mode
4. Sharing of posts dont allow to add locations
5. Cant copy text :(
6. Cant delete a post I posted
7. Cant delete a conversation I started
8. Cant see 1'd items:( super bad
9. Cant share circles
10. No gtalk support:(